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“Many cities are identified by their architecture and skylines, who’s silhouettes give a lasting expression. The Okan Tower’s beauty and majestic form, will be instrumental in creating an image in our skyline, that will always be associated with Miami.”.

Robert BEHAR / Principal – Behar Font & Partners P.A.

Behar Font & Partners, P. A is a professional organization dedicated to the practice of architecture, planning and interior design. Our principals have a combined total of 68 years of architectural experience and, as such, have served as architects and designers for a wide variety of project types..

Behar Font & Partners, P. A. offers complete architectural services encompassing feasibility and zoning studies, establishment of environmental performance standards, strategic growth management, land use objectives, economic objectives, programming, master planning, cost estimating, architectural design, construction document preparation, securing of local approvals/permits, as well as contract and construction administration.

The graceful curved apex and gently rippling glass façade of Okan Tower was inspired by the subtle beauty of a tulip blossom. An artistic nod to the national flower of Turkey, where the project’s developer is based, the tulip also symbolizes elegance and optimism.

Rising 70 stories, Okan Tower’s impact on the skyline is undeniable. Unobstructed views of Biscayne Bay and the city spread out in all directions, while at the same time infusing the building’s interiors with natural light.

At the ground level, the property becomes all about connection – reflecting the dynamic energy of one of the city’s most exciting emerging destinations. It is a place where ideas take root and expand to their fullest..