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Florida’s NUMBER 1

Miami becomes more attractive investment geography for the foreigners because of its more attractive, perfect climate, various cultural environments, and its stable economic and political structure, compared to other popular places in Florida.

PORT MIAMI, the world’s busiest passenger ship port. It is also the only address for mega cargo ships that carry out more than 7.4 million freights per year anywhere around the world.

These very special cultural, art and sports centers that attract visitors from anywhere around the world will be your next door neighbor.

You are in the heart of Miami, the shining star of the world.

Uninterrupted sunbathing from sunrise to sunset…

While they have fun in the plenty of alternative streets, parks and playgrounds of this highly safe city, you will have a pleasant time by feeling at ease.

The model raising the level:

In briefly, Condo Hotel means that the processes for operation, renting, and any and all kinds of maintenance, repair and cleaning of your house are undertaken by the hotel management when you do not go there. Moreover, by Hilton, the most famous hotel brand in the world…